Islamabad Institute for Political Economy

Islamabad Institute for Political Economy (IIPE) is an ever-first institute within the Pakistan establishing as well as working specifically on Political Economy and its various theories (especially Third Positionism) that enable students to rigorously explore contemporary Pakistani and global issues such as finance, migration and borders, labor and power relations, environmental justice, Indigenous resurgence, race and racism, gender and sexuality, colonialism, food sovereignty, and community activism.

IIPE also seeks to understand how economic incentives shape political institutions and behavior, and how political forces influence economic choices.

For our institute, political economy encompasses a spectrum of work from an applied or theoretical perspective, employing statistical or analytical methods, and with an economic or political focus. The increasingly complex political and economic conditions we face call for a more complete understanding of the interactions between decision-making in these two realms.

Our scheduled determinations include:

  • Annual Report on the
    working and functioning of IIPE, 
  • Ongoing series of mini
    conferences, visitors, and political economy working papers, and,
  • In addition, publishing
    books related to IIPE’s defined theoretical framework(s).

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<strong>Dr. Muhammad Asim</strong>
Dr. Muhammad Asim

Honorary Director IIPE, PhD from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Assistant Professor at the Government Associate College Dhoke Syedan, Rawalpindi Cantonment (Pakistan) and Vice-President at Pak-Iran Intellectuals Forum (Islamabad and Qom)

<strong>Dr. Tariq Saeed</strong>
Dr. Tariq Saeed

Senior Advisor IIPE, PhD from School of Economics and Management, ChangAn Univeristy Xian (Shaanxi, China), Research Fellow at the Department of International Relations, Coventry University (Coventry, UK)