RMR Debating Forums and Societies

Since the beginning of time, humans have been debating, discussing, and arguing. From the ancient Greek open Agoras for political discussion, to the Speaker’s Corner in London, and the current presidential debates that take place now in various countries (like United States and Iran), discussion and debate have an important part in the evolution of human thought. But what about on a smaller scale, including personal arguments, discussions in the workplace, or debates in schools, colleges and universities? Debate and discussion have their place in your life, and each has its own differences. Let’s find out what they are.

RMR Debating Forums and Societies provide a academic platforms to the research scholars, academicians, researchers, historians, teachers and other social segments to discuss their viewpoints, perceptions and opinion on numerous local, national and international issues without any discriminations or biasedness. regardless of race, culture, religion, sect, nationality and language, these forums and societies welcome the participants across the globe and facilitate them to offer space at RMR Blog and RMR publications for projecting their positive, creative and rational ideas.

Although, our forums and societies had been functional virtually since 2018, but SECP registration gave us the legality of existence in 2022. These are;

Pak-Iran Intellectuals Forum is a virtual think tank and debating forum (based in Islamabad and Qom), having aim of conducting or assisting research on Pak-Iran relations in distinct paradigms, such as, political economy, comparative constitutions, ethnic similarities, linguistic associations, political affiliations, economic cooperation, CPEC, Chabahar-Gwadar Memorandum of Understanding, China-Iran strategic cooperation, Middle Eastern conflicts, Caucasus region, Central Asia, Eurasia, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf, and many more; but just to seek 3Ps (Peace Progress and Prosperity) in Pak-Iran Region and around.
In fact, prime motive is to establish this think tank is undermine all the misunderstandings and machinations frequently propagated by western scholars or western academia against Iran, Pakistan and Pak-Iran region. Similarly, Pak-Iran Intellectuals Forum has to promote socio-cultural harmony between both nations that would lead this region towards more peace, progress and prosperity.

Research Society for Gulf and Middle East aims to foster interdisciplinary research on Gulf and Middle East Studies in collaboration with regional academics, experts and practitioners; conducting research and analysis on bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Middle East to explore synergies and address mutual long-standing economic, political and social challenges; supporting a balanced Middle Eastern research studies from various perspectives to widen access to first-hand knowledge of the Middle East; developing materials and resources for educators and the wider public readership; and contributing to broad dissemination of research results and information regarding the Middle East.

  • Issues in the Middle East are dynamic and fast changing with new and evolving stakeholders almost on a monthly basis. Due to this fact and the multiple perspectives in the media on this subject matter, arriving at a consensus would need arguing that the ground reality of the Middle East is chaotic and sometimes misleading.
  • Since much of the media and academic space on the Middle East is occupied by Western schools of thoughts, we attempt at this platform to de-clutter this space and crowd in opinions of scholars, academicians, media, politicians, diplomats and citizens from the Middle East, emerging nations and the world at large, to counterbalance the scale of knowledge and information that reside in the academia surrounding the region.
  • We would like to involve students who are interested in studying about the geo-strategic and geo-economic importance of the Middle East in the world. We believe that any study, seminar, workshops, debates or discussions must lead to adding value to the ongoing search for peace in the Middle East. Our belief is based on the fact that at the end of the day, it is the lives of the people involved in conflict that matters and their betterment is what we target at. Finally, it is a student-led and student-driven initiative to foster a knowledge-based society.

Books and Literature review Society aims to:

  • Provide foundation of knowledge on various socio-political, cultural, linguistic, economic, ethnic and religious topics
  • Identify areas which are being neglected in social sciences academia
  • Identify inconstancies: gaps in research, conflicts in previous studies, open questions left from other researches
  • Identify need for additional researches
  • Identify the relationship of works in context of its contribution to the topic and to other works
  • Place existing researches, books and other published literature at the place where the need of further studies must be addressed.