I am feeling problem in filling registration form given in PDF format. May you share it in any other format?

Yes, you may download IPICS registration form in MS-Word format.

It is difficult for me to fill paper submission form by editing PDF file. May you share this form in MS-Word format?

Yes, you may download IPICS Paper Submission Form in MS-Word format as well.

I have been registered at IPICS for reviewing researches. However, sometimes I face technical hurdles in filling PDF-based IPICS Review Form. May you share this form in MS-Word format for my ease?

Yes, you may download IPICS Paper Review Form for reviewers in MS-Word from the link, given below.

What is the meaning of honorary designation?

It means, you have been recruited not for performing any task, but due to acknowledging your academic contributions and intellectualism. Whatever your honorary designation is, but you are not authorize to use this journal or our any other initiative for personal benefits, malpractices and/or promoting personal interests.

I have been hired as an Associate Editor in this journal, will I be paid monthly?

No. No one post in this journal is subjected to pay but only with the mutual consent of Direct Rehmat and Maryam Researches and In-Charge HR (Rehmat and Maryam Researches and RMR Publishers). You have joined us voluntarily and we appreciate your contribution.

Have you HEC recognition?

We are intended to put our application in HEC next year for getting the recognition under “Y” category.