Islamabad Institute for CPEC Studies

Islamabad Institute for CPEC Studies (IICS) is the ever-first institution in Pakistan that works over the strategic importance of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Moreover, some other objectives of this research center are;

  • To look how CPEC would be a shortest feasible trade route for Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics and Russia
  • To interrogate how CPEC has an ability to form a regional economic bloc
  • To examine the future of Chabahar-Gwadar Memorandum of Understanding 2016
  • To assess the future of North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) in comparison with CPEC
  • To investigate how regional connectivity between Pak, Iran and Afghanistan via CPEC can overcome the illogical and/or irrational sanctions imposed by United Nations, United states, FATF or any other forum

IICS Team of Experts

NameSpecializationsPhD ThesisCurrent Designation
Dr. Muhammad Akram ZaheerChina-Iran Strategic Relations, Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese Economic Strategies, and Politics under SCOChina-Iran Strategic Relations; Implications on Geopolitics of Persian GulfLecturer in International Relations at Informatics Group of Colleges Arifwala (Pakistan)
Dr. Tariq Saeed YousafzaiChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China-Pakistan Economic Relations, Afghanistan-China Economic Relations, and RegionalismEmergence of New Markets under CPEC Scenario in Pakistan during Railway Network Extension and Linkage with ChinaResearch Fellow at Coventry University, Coventry (UK)
Dr. Shumaila ArzoChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and Non-Traditional SecurityImpact of CPEC Project on Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan; Job Creation, Reduce Unemployment and Education DevelopmentResearch Fellow at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou (China)
Junaid AliEasternization of China, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and RegionalismEasternization and The Rise of ChinaResearch Fellow at the Fatima Zahera Society for Women Development in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan (Qom, Iran)

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