SDG 16 Rankings of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan: Joint Market can Promote Peace and Strong Institutions

Written by Dr. Muhammad Asim

According to the SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2021, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have scored poorly in terms of SDG 16 “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions”. The report highlights Iran’s ranking at 110th, Pakistan at 134th, and Afghanistan at 163rd out of 165 countries. While scholars and experts criticize the role of the Pakistani army in the country’s political affairs and institutions, Afghanistan has faced challenges due to its history of conflict and instability, along with corruption and weak institutions.

However, a jointly administered market at the tri-borderland of these three countries can promote cooperation and mutual understanding between them, contributing to the promotion of peace, justice, and strong institutions in the region. Such a market can build trust and promote cooperation between the countries by providing a platform for trade and the exchange of ideas.

The ranking and progress of these countries in the SDG Index and Dashboards Report should also be viewed by primary sources. It is essential to analyze the levels of government accountability, access to justice, and the rule of law, among other factors, to understand the countries’ performance.

In conclusion, a jointly administered market can play a vital role in promoting peace and strong institutions in the region, despite the poor rankings of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in SDG 16. It is necessary to focus on building trust and promoting cooperation between the countries to address the challenges they face.

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