New Book Explores the Intricate Bonds of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan through the Lens of Resistive Economy

Dr. Muhammad Asim’s latest book, “Romanticizing Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan: A Region through the Lens of Resistive Economy,” published by RMR Publishers, provides a thought-provoking examination of the interwoven historical, cultural, and economic ties between the three nations. The book calls for the creation of a unified marketplace that could foster social cohesion, communal prosperity, political advancement, sustainable development goals, and international relations across the region.

Title of the book, will be inaugurated in May 2023

With extensive research and case studies, the book offers a fresh perspective on the region, urging readers to reconsider their assumptions about Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. The author acknowledges the importance of transparent and honest discussions and has consulted renowned scholars from Iran, Afghanistan, and Russia to provide an informed perspective.

While refraining from addressing sensitive topics to avoid controversy or disruption to academia, the book remains dedicated to promoting understanding and social justice through respectful and constructive dialogue. This publication is a testament to the publisher’s commitment to academic excellence and intercultural understanding.

The first eBook edition of the book was released in April 2023 and is available for purchase through Rehmat and Maryam Researches in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lodhran. For more information, visit the publisher’s website at

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