Journey of Discovery: In Auguration of Dr. Asim’s Book entitled “Multan to Nakhchivan”

Dr. Muhammad Asim’s New Book Unveils Cultural Richness and Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Muhammad Asim’s new book, Multan to Nakhchivan: A Post-Modern Road to Awakening, presents a captivating journey that blends cultural exploration with personal introspection. Published by Rehmat and Maryam Researches with the support of RMR Publishers and the Pak-Iran Intellectuals Forum, this book takes readers on an immersive journey through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan, uncovering the deep historical, cultural, and spiritual layers of each region.

Starting in Multan, the “City of Saints,” Dr. Asim investigates the pervasive conservative and orthodox views within Pakistani society. His journey leads him through Bhakkar’s historical echoes, Zhob’s ruins and reverence, and Quetta’s cultural crossroads. Moving into Afghanistan, he explores ancient wisdom in Kandahar and resilience in Delaram and Farah.

In Iran, Dr. Asim finds spiritual depth in Mashhad, and in Tehran, he navigates the balance between tradition and transformation. Azerbaijan’s chapter unveils the beauty of Herat, Sufi traditions in Turbat-e-Jam, and philosophical reflections in Rasht. The journey reaches its pinnacle in Nakhchivan, where he discovers a rich tapestry of tales and traditions.

The prologue provides a poignant reflection on the conservative mindsets within Pakistan, sharing personal anecdotes and societal observations. Dr. Asim’s quest seeks to understand whether such narrow-mindedness is a uniquely Pakistani phenomenon or if it extends elsewhere, investigating the role of Sufi saints and spiritual leaders in promoting or countering conservatism.

In the epilogue, Dr. Asim reflects on the transformative power of travel and the shared experiences that enrich human understanding. His vivid descriptions of historical sites, spiritual moments, and personal growth create a narrative that is both enlightening and deeply touching.

Multan to Nakhchivan is more than a travelogue; it is a profound exploration of human connection, cultural heritage, and the enduring quest for understanding and coexistence. Dr. Asim’s journey underscores that the true essence of travel lies in the connections we forge and the lessons we learn along the way.

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