Dr. Akram Exhibits “Geopolitical Conflicts: A Quest to Understand the Struggle for Influence”

In his latest literary endeavor, “Geopolitical Conflicts: A Quest to Understand the Struggle for Influence”, distinguished scholar Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer takes readers on a compelling journey through the intricate web of international politics. The 27 essays within the collection promise a profound exploration of global complexities, offering readers insights into the ever-shifting alliances, emerging trends, and power dynamics that define the contemporary geopolitical stage.

The book’s preface serves as an invitation into Dr. Zaheer’s scholarly expedition, where he skillfully navigates through historical theories of geopolitics, providing readers with essential context to comprehend the complexities of the present geopolitical reality. This foundational journey sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration that extends from the strategic significance of alliances like AUKUS to the nuanced dynamics between major global players such as China, the United States and Russia.

Dedicated segments within the book unravel the strategic importance of Pakistan, positioned at the crossroads of South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. Dr. Zaheer delves into Pakistan’s efforts to navigate a multifaceted diplomatic terrain, particularly highlighting the transformative impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the region. The book’s concluding remarks echo a call to action, urging a recalibration of Pakistan’s foreign policy framework for a more transparent and nationally-driven approach, free from external manipulations.

Tailored for policymakers, scholars, and global politics enthusiasts, Dr. Zaheer’s book emerges as an indispensable resource. His unique vantage point, enriched by shared experiences and academic collaborations, offers readers a discerning lens to comprehend the challenges and opportunities shaping our world.

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