Political Science

Deep Philosophical Roots have been found between Iqbal and Karl Marx: Dr. Akram Zaheer

Inclusiveism is an approach of several to understanding different ideologies. Inclusivists hold many beliefs as true and accommodate with their own philosophy.  Accommdativism is a doctrine that refers to appropriateness, conformances and reconcilement in socio-political and theological attitudes. According to Dr Muhammad Asim, “Accomodationism” means to accommodate distinct religious identities by government in a structural

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan Still is in Search of Itself: Dr. Akram Zaheer

Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 can be considered a double Independence Day. Indian Muslims also fought for independence from British rule and later armed for their own nation-state, the current state was once a part of the Indian subcontinent. After the British crushed the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Crown took full control during