Political Science

Students of Political Science discuss Relationship between Globalization and Democracy

Islamabad Institute for Constitutional and Legislative Debates conducted a session for political science students, where students from various colleges came to know about relationship between globalization and democracy. Report prepared by Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer Globalization is an approach of the existing authorities to provide social stability and maintain political support for them. Economic globalization,

South Asian Studies

Deep Philosophical Roots have been found between Iqbal and Karl Marx: Dr. Akram Zaheer

Inclusiveism is an approach of several to understanding different ideologies. Inclusivists hold many beliefs as true and accommodate with their own philosophy.  Accommdativism is a doctrine that refers to appropriateness, conformances and reconcilement in socio-political and theological attitudes. According to Dr Muhammad Asim, “Accomodationism” means to accommodate distinct religious identities by government in a structural

Defense and Strategic Studies

The Current Geopolitical Reality imposes new challenges to Resolve Conflicts: Dr. Akram Zaheer

The current geopolitical reality imposes new challenges and opportunities to resolve conflicts of interest through international cooperation, while maintaining a strategic vision or calling into question the balance of power. However, uncertainty is constant, as are circumstances and actors. In this constant concern for improvement, we cannot fail to evoke two kinds of strategic ideas.