Dr. Asim’s Book Explores the Vision of a Unified Market in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan

Book Name: Romanticizing Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan: A Region through the Lens of Resistive Economy

Author: Dr. Muhammad Asim

Publisher: RMR Publishers (Islamabad and Lodhran), in collaboration with Pak-Iran Intellectuals Forum (Qom Office)

Publishing Date: April 2023 (1st Edition), June 2023 (2nd Edition)

Title of the Book for 2nd Edition

The recently published book, titled “Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan: A Region through the Lens of Resistive Economy” presents a comprehensive exploration of the potential for a unified market in the tri-borderland region between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Authored by Dr. Muhammad Asim, the book challenges conventional paradigms and aims to establish an administratively cohesive market that could serve as a catalyst for regional integration and emancipation from western hegemony.

The book is divided into four parts, each delving into various aspects of the region’s shared history and economic potential. In Part 1, readers gain an overview of the region, including an examination of cultural commonalities, historical trade agreements, and significant partnerships such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the China-Iran 25-Year Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Part 2 provides a detailed interpretation of the proposed Afghanistan-Iran-Pakistan Jointly Administrative Market, analyzing its feasibility and potential benefits and challenges. The proposal aims to establish a unified market that would foster economic growth and cooperation among the three nations.

Part 3 explores the potential impacts of a unified market in the region, focusing on areas such as social oneness, shared economy, political development, sustainable development goals, and international relations. The book discusses strategies for promoting multiculturalism, enhancing technical education, improving regional connectivity, and lessening gender discrimination. It also highlights the alignment of the proposed market with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Concluding the book, Part 4 raises unresolved questions concerning Pakistan’s administration and governance, emphasizing the need for pragmatic and patriotic leadership. The forthcoming volume in the RMR Book Series will further explore these concerns and propose potential amendments.

“Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan: A Region through the Lens of Resistive Economy” was initially published in April 2023 and has garnered attention for its insightful analysis of the region’s economic potential and the proposed market’s impact on regional integration and emancipation from western hegemony. The book’s second edition is scheduled for release in June 2023 in both Pakistan and Iran.

As the book aims to challenge conventional paradigms and explore new possibilities for economic cooperation in the region, it has sparked interest among policymakers, academics, and readers interested in the geopolitics and economic development of Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan.

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